Marketing Intern 实习岗 (cpt/opt/H1B)世贸 World Financial Center


Job Description

Job Description:
1. 开展市场推广活动,完成市场数据统计
Launch marketing activities and complete market statistics
2. 负责和合作企业/机构对接,完成市场方案策划和活动执行
Work with cooperating companies/organizations and complete marketing planning and event execution
3. 负责新媒体平台的运营和内容(图片编辑、视频素材采集等)。
Responsible for the operation and content of the new media platform (Including: picture editing, video material collection, etc.)
4. 协助完成公司其他行政工作
Assist to complete other administrative work of the company

1. 对留学教育市场有一定了解的优先
A certain understanding of the education market is preferred
2. 优秀的文案功底和文字表达能力,能够独立策划及撰写文案优先
Excellent verbal and written communication skills, have the ability to independently complete the marketing copy.
3. 积极主动,思维活跃,具备较强的沟通能力优先
Excellent interpersonal skills and a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration

Job Types: Part-time, Full-time, Internship

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