ProtagoLabs 招聘 IT Technician 坐标 DC sponsor H1b 待遇好


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  • Research, design, install and maintain servers used in our distributed infrastructure
  • Monitoring and performing ongoing maintenance on servers and network equipment..
  • Providing IT support to staff relating to server and network issues.
  • Protecting company data by preventing the overheating of data center components.
  • Running hardware diagnostics and replacing failing parts on time
  • Monitoring all network processes to ensure the smooth flow of data across the network.
  • Upgrading internal system components, including CPUs, memory, hard drives, and network cables.
  • Documenting processes and keeping event logs.
  • Advising on the procurement of new data center equipment.
  • Keeping track of developing trends in data center technologies.
  • Designing and budgeting hardware configurations.

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